East Tennessee Law Enforcement Online


Welcome to the East Tennessee Law Enforcement Organization's official website. ETLE.ORG is home to the East Tennessee Intelligence Network (ETIN) and the Tennessee Regional Auto-theft Intelligence Network (TRAIN). If you are a law enforcement officer in the State of Tennessee you may become a member of ETLE.org by filling out the registration form provided on this web site.






This website has been updated!

This website still requires the dual username/password system for extra security.

When you click on the members only section of etle.org you must first type in the master username and password. Then to check the message board, email, pawn shop database, etc. you will type in your personal username and password. The reason for two sets of usernames and passwords is for dual security due to the sensitivity of the criminal intelligence information on the website.

If your personal username was for example 7301pjones it has changed to simply pjones. The reason for the change is several members have had problems logging in because they could not remember their ORI numbers. Also if your password was 5 letters/numbers or less you must send a email to khumphrey@harrimanpolice.com and change it to 6 letters/numbers or more to continue to accsess this site, this is for security resons. 

We now offer you your own personal email, calendar, chat/instant messaging, and documents online with etle.com free. All members are automatically assigned an email address such as yourname@etle.org. If you don't have a department email such as john.doe@knoxsheriff.org but have a generic email like john.doe@yahoo.com you should use the etle.org email as your primary email account to identify you as law enforcement. If you have a department email you can simply forward your yourname@etle.org email to your department email.

We are also testing a pawn shop database that contains pawn shop records from Roane County and Oliver Springs in Anderson County. We hope to have the pawn shop database fully operational with new pawn shops added soon.