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Improve Fluency with Reading Progress in Teams for Education - feat. Mike Tholfsen

This is the recording of the webinar that took place on May 14th 9am JST / May 13th 5pm PDT. In this presentation, Mike Tholfsen discusses how Reading Progress can be used within Microsoft Teams to improve your students reading fluency!

Mike Tholfsen is a Group Product Manager on the Microsoft Education team focusing on the Teams for Education, Immersive Reader, Reading Progress, and OneNote Class Notebooks. He is passionate about inclusive education and has been regularly working with students and teachers around the world over the past ten years to create products that improve student outcomes.

Jon Gorham is an associate professor at a university in Japan and the creator of the Education Solutions, an EdTech professional development YouTube channel dedicated to helping educators worldwide embrace educational technology in online classrooms as well as face-to-face classrooms.

Paul Raine is the founder of TILTAL, an online community for educators to learn about the most effective and efficient tools and techniques for teaching and learning languages. He is also an English teacher at universities in Japan.

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