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Language Learning and Immersive Technologies - feat. Dr. Mehrasa Alizadeh

Part 1 - About Dr. Mehrasa Alizadeh

Part 2 - Living in Japan, learning Japanese, and naturalizing as a Japanese citizen

Part 3 - Defining VR, AR, MR and XR

Part 4 - Hardware and software requirements for VR, AR, and MR

Part 5 - Using VR, AR, and MR in language teaching and learning

Part 6 - Is XR a threat or an opportunity for language teachers?

The field of technology-enhanced language learning (TELL) has greatly evolved over the years, and immersive technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality will profoundly alter how we approach language learning in the future. In order to help partially envision the future of TELL, it is crucial for teaching professionals to understand immersive technologies and how to transform the learning experience using them. These technologies have influenced various fields and industries, including entertainment, arts, manufacture, marketing, healthcare and education.

In addition to supporting content knowledge acquisition, immersive technologies provide affordances that are beneficial for learning, such as a sense of (co-)presence, physical interaction and communication, and emotional engagement. However, due to factors such as poor resources and lack of teacher training in immersive learning design, their usage in language learning and teaching is still rather limited.

In this interview, we will delve into the affordances, challenges and potential use cases of these technologies for language learning.

Dr. Mehrasa Alizadeh is Assistant Professor at the International Professional University of Technology (IPUT) in Osaka, Japan where she teaches EFL courses. She holds a PhD from the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University with a focus on technology-enhanced language learning. Mehrasa's research interests include blended learning, mobile learning and immersive learning in second language education.

Paul Raine (MA TEFL/TESL, University of Birmingham 2012) is an award-winning teacher, presenter, author, and developer. His books include the best-selling 50 Ways to Teach with Technology and the innovative multi-path graded reader Journey to Mars. He has helped design and develop several websites for teachers and learners of EFL, including and He currently teaches English at universities in the Tokyo area.

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